Avgidea Data Search

Avgidea Data Search ( ADS ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

Users are able to search open data scattered on internet through ADS easily and import data to Google Sheets directly. By doing so, you may reduce burdens of cumbersome tasks for searching and importing open data.

The following are types of open data where you can search through ADS :

ADS always keeps track of a list of latest ckan / Dataverse endpoints, therefore users simply select an endpoint from the list, then search through the instance.

Searching and importing data

Users can select an endpoint registered in ADS and immediately search appropriate data.

1. Click on Google Sheets' menu, Extensions -> avgidea -> Data Search.

2. Click on CKAN or DATAVERSE tab, then select a target instance from the instance list.

3. URL is automatically copied to Instance URL parameter and you can search by entering words in Keywords text field.
If you click on an import icon of the target data, ADS directly imports data into Google Sheets (*1). If you click on a link icon, you may download the data as a file.

Next Step : Query Editor

Note :

*1 ADS targets CSV data for import which is compilant to ckan or Dataverse. It may fail importing data depending on how instance is implemented. Also, maximum data volume depends on limitations of Google Sheets.