Add-on installation

Add-on installation

ADS and AQE are provided as a single add-on of Google Sheets so users are expected to login using a Google account (G Suite or Gmail). Open a new or existing Google Sheet and install the add-on with following steps.

1. Enter "avgidea" in the search field from the following link and click "avgidea" icon.

2. Click "Install" button to proceed to next step. *1

3. Login with your Google account and accept the consent screen.

4. After successful installation, open a new sheet. You will find "avgidea" menu under "Add-ons".

If the menu doesn't appear, it may work by refreshing the browser or reopen the tab. *2

Next step : Account registration

Note :

*1 If you login with Google G Suite account and your organization doesn't permit individual installation, you may need to ask administrators to install the add-on to the domain or whitelist "avgidea" add-on from G Suite Marketplace.

*2 If you manage to use multiple Google accounts with Chrome browser and have a problem accessing the service, you may add the user as another profile.