ADP for Google Sheets : Technical Guide


ADP (Avgidea Data Platform) is total data platform to improve accessibility and usability of data for end-users .

ADP consists of following components :

  • Avgidea Data Search ( ADS )
    ADS enables searching various open data scattered on internet and reduces burdens of users by importing data directly into Google Sheets.

  • Avgidea Query Editor (AQE )
    AQE enables executing queries on SPARQL endpoints available on internet and imports query results directly into Google Sheets.

  • Avgidea Publisher ( AP )
    Enterprises or any other organizations can publish data to external users for advertisement or sample data via AP. Links to existing open data or raw data can be registered to Avgidea Data Platform. ​

  • Avgidea Prediction ( APD )
    APD can execute deep learning prediction to text data on Google Sheets. Currently, sentiment analysis can be executed against text data in multiple languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and so on.

  • Avgidea Social ( AS )
    AS executes sentiment analysis on tweets containing specified keywords and aggregate them on a daily basis. You may analyze trends of your brand as well as competitors.

  • Advertising ( AA )
    By searching Twitter accounts and managing targeting lists according to the purpose of ad serving, you can use Twitter Ads for more effective ad serving. Targeting lists can be loaded and saved in Avgidea Data Platform. This feature requires "Avgidea Data Platform - Premium" subscription license.

Avgidea Data Platform expects users to use Google account ( Google Workspace or Gmail) to install them as a single add-on available from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Marketplace. Users can immediately start using the add-on with limited features under free plan.