Editor configuration

Editor configuration PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

In this section, we explain how to change configurations of ADS and AQE. Those configurations are primarily related to data loading from external data source into Google Sheets.

Please follow steps below to change configurations :

1. Click on Google Sheets' menu, "Add-ons" -> "avgidea" -> "Configurations".

2. Modify switches displayed on "Configurations" dialog to configure ADS / AQE and save changes by clicking "SAVE" button.

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Explain each parameters in "Configurations" dialog below :

License : Status of your subscription plan will be displayed.

Refresh active sheet before importing data : refresh entire active sheet upon importing data via ADS.

Refresh active sheet before executing a query : refresh entire active sheet upon query execution from AQE.

Use active cell as result table origin : set active cell as origin of query result table after executing a query from AQE. A1 cell is used as origin when it's configured as "off".