Avgidea Social

Avgidea Social ( AS ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

AS executes sentiment analysis on tweets which are collected based on registered keywords and aggregate results. Each keyword consumes one "Social Token" on a daily basis. After tweet sentiment aggregation, you may specify a range of dates and import results and its graph.

Register Keywords

Register keywords first in order to collect tweets on a daily basis and execute sentiment analysis on them.

1. Click on Google Sheets' menu, "Add-ons" -> "avgidea" -> "Social" -> "Keyword".

2. Enter arbitrary keywords (comma separated) and click "SAVE" button.

Tweets will be collected on a daily basis. *1

Analyze Tweet Sentiment

Specify keywords, a date range and labels and import aggregated tweet sentiment results and its graph on Google Sheets.

1. Click on Google Sheets' menu, "Add-ons" -> "avgidea" -> "Social" -> "Analyze".

2. Specify following parameters and click "ANALYZE" button to import tweet sentiment and its graph.

  • Keywords : import tweet sentiment only for specific keywords.

  • Dates : a date range where tweets are already collected and analyzed.

  • Labels : specify labels of sentiment, positive (+) or negative (-).

3. Aggregated tweet sentiment and its graph are imported into the current sheet. You may also access to original tweets by clicking links in the dropdown list.

Note :

*1 Tweets will be collected at mid-night (UTC) every day. If "Social Token" is not enough, sentiment analysis won't be executed.