Avgidea Query Editor

Avgidea Query Editor ( AQE ) PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

You may execute a query on a SPARQL instance scattered on internet, then generate query results into Google Sheets directly. Users may start working on tasks such as data analysis or aggregation immediately.

Executing a query

Users follow steps below to enter a SPARQL endpoint and query to execute, then directly import query results into the sheet.

1. Click on Google Sheets' menu, "Add-ons" -> "avgidea" -> "Query Editor" -> "as Dialog" or "as Sidebar".

as Dialog : launch a query editor at the center of the sheet and execute a query

as Sidebar : launch a query editor at the right-hand side of the sheet and execute a query

2. Specify a SPARQL endpoint at "Data Set" field and then, enter an arbitrary query in "Query" field. Submit a query by clicking a "Run" button or pressing "Command + Enter" keys.

If the query is executed successfully, query results will be loaded into the sheet.